Welcome to my blog, currently under construction, but soon to be populated with all kinds of (hopefully) interesting commentary about architects, enterprise architecture, service-oriented architecture, enterprise software development, and related matters associated with information technology and personal computing.

At various points in my career I’ve been a developer, software engineer, supervisor, senior manager, product manager, project manager, user interface specialist, consultant, IT industry analyst, and most accepted flavors of “architect” within IT (enterprise, solution, information, software, system, business). I am also what would probably be called a “power user” of personal computers, both Windows and Mac, with very definite opinions on what constitutes effective software from a user’s perspective.



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Upcoming speaking engagements

Webcast on event processing and service-oriented architecture, sponsored by SearchSOA.com, recorded the week of October 21.


Presentation on operational responsiveness at Gartner's EA Summit in Orlando, October 7-9, sponsored by Progress Software.


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